Safer Internet Day film launched

21 Jan 2014 UK SIC

Today, the Insafe and INHOPE networks have launched the SID 2014 film, Safer Internet Day: Let’s create a better internet together

Created by the European Commission for the 30 national Safer Internet Centres across the EU, Iceland, Norway and Russia, the SID film can be used by SID partners and supporters to raise awareness of Safer Internet Day. 

Focusing on this years Safer Internet Day theme, ‘Lets Create a Better Internet Together’, Insafe have produced a 30 second film to promote making the internet a safer and better place for children and young people.  Whether you are a school, organisation or individual, there are lots of ways you can use the film:

  • In school, use the film as part of your SID assembly or lesson plan. 
  • Download the film and play it on screens, in your school, office or in store.
  • Embed the film on your website along with the Safer Internet Day branding
  • Promote the film on your YouTube channel
  • Share the film on your social networking sites using the hashtag #SID2014

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