Safer Internet Day Surpasses 1000 Supporters

26 Jan 2024 UK SIC

Safer Internet Day, taking place on 6th February 2024, has recently achieved a significant milestone. Over 1000 organisations have already registered their support for the day with supporter numbers growing by the second! Last year, Safer Internet Day managed to achieve over 5000 supporters and this year we want to go even bigger!

Already, schools across the UK are actively telling us how they’ll be celebrating on the day. This includes fun assemblies, classroom activities and games around how we can all work to create a safer internet and explore this year’s theme of ‘Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online’.

And it’s not just schools getting involved! Businesses, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, and governmental bodies are all showing their support and reinforcing the importance of staying safe online. Lots of initiatives are already taking place including workshops, webinars, and community events that spread awareness of this important day whilst also ensuring they themselves are doing everything they can to foster a positive online world.

Register your support

If you haven’t yet registered as a supporter, all you have to do is submit your details and a short sentence about your plans for the day. After this, you’ll appear on our map of supporters across the country. You will also receive a certificate you can display in your setting.

Alongside registering your support, you can get involved on social media by telling everyone how you’ll be celebrating #SaferInternetDay by:

How else can I get involved?

The UK Safer Internet Centre team have made sure that there is plenty to see and do in the run-up to the 6th. Take a look below at what else is available:

The 1000 supporter milestone highlights the growing recognition of Safer Internet Day, and as the day continues to gain momentum it’s important for us all to raise awareness around how we can all work towards a safer internet together.

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