Safety tools on online services update

26 Jul 2016 UK SIC

Would you like to know more about keeping social networking and gaming sites safer for your children? Do you have an internet enabled TV (smart TV) and are wondering about parental controls?

Childnet, a partner of the UK Safer Internet Centre, have been busy updating the UK Safer Internet Centre website to include more important information for parents about safety tools and Smart TVs

Smart TVs

With fewer people watching mainstream TV and more people watching boxsets and accessing TV content through the internet, there is now an updated section on TV on demand and catch-up TV. This section will highlight the parental controls that can be put in place on TV on demand services, usually through setting up kid’s accounts or blocking inappropriate TV content by way of a password. Smart TVs are also explained, which are TVs with internet capabilities which allow you to browse the internet, as well as watch Youtube or Netflix from your TV. As most of the TVs that are sold in the shops nowadays are smart TVs, there is also a helpful shopper’s list with questions that you can ask in the shop to ensure you know how to make your TV safe for your child.

Safety tools for social networking sites

The updated safety tools for social networking sites offers unbiased and practical guidance on how to use the services to the best of their ability. It has 8 new social networking sites added, with links that will explain privacy settings, as well as understanding the functions such as ‘blocking’ or ‘reporting’. It is a good idea to glance through this if your child is eager to try any of these services. It also highlights the age requirement necessary to register for these services. 

Top tip for young people

Each week we share an online safety related tip to encourage young people to stay safe online.  This week’s #toptiptuesday is all about blocking on and can be seen below.  For more top tips follow us on Instagram

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