Schools, get involved in Safer Internet Day 2015!

09 Jan 2015 UK SIC

Download our SID education packs and start planning your Safer Internet Day activities.  

On the 10th February 2015, millions across the UK and globally will be celebrating Safer Internet Day.  With the theme ‘Let’s create a better internet together’, the day provides a great opportunity to talk to young people about the safe and positive use of technology, and to share a smile to help create a kinder online community.  

To inspire even more schools to get involved the UK Safer Internet Centre has developed education packs to help schools and youth groups deliver activities for children, young people and parents and carers on Safer Internet Day. The education packs, which are free to download, include posters, assembly presentations with scripts, drama activities, quick activities, full lesson plans and information for parents and carers.

Here are some ideas about how you can use the education packs to run Safer Internet Day activities at your school:

  • In the classroom, teachers can use the UK Safer Internet Centre’s lesson plan to get pupils to launch a campaign in the school to encourage others to do good digital deeds for friends and others so as to ‘create a better internet together’.
  • Form tutors can use the Safer Internet Day quick activities for primary and secondary to get young people to make a Safer Internet Day pledge to reflect what they will do to create a better internet.
  • Assemblies in the week of February 10th could focus on the theme of internet safety. Use the ready-to-go assembly and script for secondary schools and primary schools – or why not support pupils to deliver their own assemblies?
  • Display the primary and secondary Safer Internet Day posters in your school. 
  • Reach out to parents using the Safer Internet Day parent pack, which includes a template letter, resources and a ready-to-use presentation.

To show that your school is getting involved, join hundreds of schools and organisations in joining the Safer Internet Day supporters list

It’s Up2Us!

In the build up to Safer Internet Day we want to encourage young people, teachers and parents to film and share a Safer Internet Day pledge as part of our #Up2Us social media campaign.  The pledge is a promise that on Safer Internet Day each person will do one thing to help make the internet a better place. 

These promises will be promoted and shared on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to show that a better internet is #Up2Us

To make it easy for schools to get involved in the campaign we have created an Up 2 Us pledge card in the secondary lesson plan that invites young people to write down one thing they will do before the end of Safer Internet Day. 

By turning these written promises into video clips schools can join the Safer Internet Day social media campaign and help inspire others to pledge their support for Safer Internet Day. 

To get involved simply:

  • Get as many pupils as possible to complete the Up 2 Us pledge cards with a Safer Internet Day promise
  • Film these Safer Internet Day promises on a smartphone or iPad.  Remember to keep these clips short – 7 seconds for Twitter and 15 seconds for Instagram
  • Share these clips on your schools Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram using the hashtag #Up2Us or send the clips to the UK Safer Internet Centre by emailing

Note: When sharing the films on social media all posts must come from a schools account.  We will be unable to tweet/retweet content that has been sent to us by an individual. 

Let’s make Safer Internet Day 2015 a time to celebrate the great work that schools across the UK are doing to make the internet a great and safe place for children.  Ultimately, a better internet is up to us!

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