SID 2015 Quiz launched

16 Jan 2015 UK SIC

Safer Internet Day 2015 is all about creating a better internet for everyone. There are many ways that this can be achieved, e.g. by interacting and communicating positively, supporting good causes, or through creating and sharing great content such as a quiz! The opportunities are endless. 

One simple solution to help to make the internet a better place, that can be taken on board by all internet users, is to strive to be a good friend to others online. It really is that straightforward. Supporting your friends online, by looking out for their best interests and always considering their feelings, will go a long way to improve the experience that you have on the internet, and should inspire others to do the same. 

But what kind of friend are you? ‘Footloose and fancy free,’ ‘careful and cautious,’ ‘supportive and savvy,’ or ‘experienced and expert?’ There’s only one way to find out… Put your friendship skills to the test, in a range of different situations, and discover if you have what it takes to provide the best tips and advice to help your friends online. Challenge yourself by taking our friendship quiz today and remember to share it with others!

Why not link to the quiz from your school or organisation’s website and share it on your social networks too. Good luck!  

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