SID TV 2016 goes live!

18 Jan 2016 UK SIC

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a series of films for Safer Internet Day TV!

Over the last couple of years, SID TV has got bigger and better. In 2015, we brought you two programmes full of fun, advice, young people’s voices and celebrity messages.

This year, our SID TV films are coming to you as part of the education packs. We know that schools and organisations around the UK love using our packs to celebrate Safer Internet Day. You have also been telling us that you would love to have some films as resources for the day. So we have put the two together and bring you a number of short films that focus on topics and activities you can find in the Education packs.

These films are a great way to start a conversation, to encourage a discussion, to provide information about some very important issues and to inspire young people to play their part for a better internet. They are created with specific audiences in mind so some are relevant for under-11s and some are for young people aged 11-18 years. And of course, you can use our packs, including all SID TV films, even if you work with young people in organisations outside of schools.

You can view them on our YouTube channel or using Vimeo, and you can also download them to use in your Safer Internet Day lessons or events. 

The films are also available alongside tips and further advice on our pages for:

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