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02 Jun 2014 UK SIC

Here are the links and reference information about the tools and resources we mentioned on SID TV, during our live TV programme streamed here on Safer Internet Day 2014!  

Professionals Hour (12:00 and 16:00)

Professionals Online Safety Helpline – helpline for professionals working with children and young people (teachers, social workers, youth workers, police, early years etc) which provides support with resoving online issues such as cyberbullying, reporting of abusive content, online reputation and so on

360 Degree Safe – Free award-winning online tool which helps schools review and improve their e-safety 

360 Degree Safe ScotlandVersion of the original 360 Degree safe tool adapted for use by Scottish schools

Online Compass – Free online tool for organisations other than schools to help them review and improve their e-safety (e.g children’s centres, playgroups, nurseries, Scout clubs, libraries, etc)

Training programme and toolkit for social workers – designed to train social workers to be more aware of the impact of internet in child protection and help with family assessments

Princess Diana Award Anti-Bullying Programme – peer-led programme where young people become anti-bullying ambassadors

Anti-Bullying Alliance – umbrella organisation for anti-bullying charities, provides tips and advice

Facebook Checklist – tips on managing privacy and reporting on Facebook. Hard copies can be ordered here e-safety Top Tips

Resources about sexting – preventative (Picture This) & post-incident (So You Got Naked Online). Hard copies to be ordered here

Digital Literacy Curriculum resource from South West Grid for Learning – a tool to help teachers embed digital literacy into every Key Stage of the curriculum

Primary Hour (13:00 and 17:00)

Digiduck’s Big Decision Online Safety story for younger children

Smartie the Penguin – Online Safety story for primary children

BBC Tee and Mo – Website for younger children with creative activities, games and fun

Have you seen something weird on the internet – animation for very young children from Child Focus, Belgium

Disney Club Penguin It Starts with You – Online Safety for younger children  

Moshi Monsters Safer Internet Day 2014 film

Kara and the Smart Crew – Adventure stories with online safety tips for primary children

BBC Stay Safe Online – Clips and information from CBBC for children and young people 

Mama switched it off – CBBC music video about seeing something upsetting or unsuitable online

The Anti-social Network – a film about cyberbullying produced by Year 5 pupils from Eastlands Primary School (please note: link is to YouTube)

Media Smart – resources to help young children think critically about advertising online 

Secondary Hour (14:00 and 18:00)

Princess Diana Award Anti-Bullying Programme – peer-led initiative which trains young people to be anti-bullying ambassadors 

Anti-Bullying Alliance – umbrella organisation for anti-bullyng charities, provides tips and advice

CBBFC – How are films age ratings decided? Information for children and young people e-safety Top Tips & film

Geek Gurl DiariesDigital Heroes TalkTalk winner 2013, Carrie Ann Philbin inspiring girls to take up computing

Special effect charity – Digital Heroes TalkTalk winner 2012, a charity doing great work to help disabled young people to enjoy gaming technology

Childline – Free Helpline run by NSPCC for young people up to 19 years old; Phone 0800 1111

Get Connected – Free Helpline for under 25’s who need help and don’t know where to turn; Phone 0808 8084994 – top tips film from the site about how to use their safety features

Facebook Checklist – tips on controlling your privacy and how to report abuse 

So You Got Naked Online: Order from our Online Store

CBBFC – British Board of Film Classification information and advice about age ratings for films, DVDs and online content 

What does the Ad say? – a short film from Media Smart about understanding and thinking critically about online advertising

Thinkuknow – Advice for teens from CEOP for over 14s or 11-13s  

PhoneBrain from PhonepayPlus – advice for young people on using their smartphones safely without racking up huge phone bills

Parents Hour (15:00 and 19:00)

Conversation Starters – Tips for talking to your child about online safety

Resource area for Parents and carers on the UK Safer Internet Centre website

Parents’ Guide to Technology – advice on safety for a range of internet devices smartphones, gaming devices, tablets

Video Guides to Parental Controls – Video Guides from the 4 big internet providers – BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin – for parents to set up parental controls at home e-safety Top Tips short film from with tips on using the site’s safety features

Facebook Checklist tips on controlling your privacy and reporting abuse

Resources on sexting – preventative (Picture This, produced by Childnet) and post-incident (So You Got Naked Online, produced by South West Grid for Learning)Order hard copies from our Online Store

Disney Club Penguin – Guide to the Wonderful World of the web – tips for parents

A Platform for Goodonline safety advice from the Family Online Safety Institute 

BBFC – Advice and info from the British Board of Film Classification on how they age rate films and online content

Disney Club Penguin Parents Checklist – safety advice for parents from  Club Penguin

Family Livesorganisation which supports parents and runs a helpline for parents 

The Parent Zone – an organisation supporting parents and families

PitDA – Parenting in the Digital Age – a new website from The Parent zone 

Phonebrain from PayphonePlus – advice for parents on apps, and premiun rate services on mobiel phones

ParentPort: – run by UK’s media regulators, information about standards and protection of children from inappropriate material

Media Smart – Resources from the Internet Advertising Bureau for young children to understand online advertising 

Special Effect – Helping young people with disabilities to play games online

Thinkuknow – Advice for parents and carers from CEOP

Vodaphone Digital Parenting Magazine – Magazine format, downloadable and full of great advice and information for parents

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