Survive the Tech Summer Holidays

14 Jul 2015 UK SIC

Online Safety Tips for Parents & Carers

Technology and the Internet can sometimes be seen as a nightmare during the break, visions of children with their heads buried in a phone or tablet. The sunshine blazing outside but the kids sat in darkened bedrooms playing games on their consoles for endless hours.

There is of course the positive side as well, long car journeys now fly by for them while watching the latest movie, airports are no longer viewed as a living hell for parents with children happily playing on their tablets. So love it or loath it the Internet, social media, consoles, tablets and games are here to stay. So don’t fight it, embrace it – read our guide and hopefully have a great summer holiday.

Our coordinators, SWGfL have put together some Top Tips on a safe digital summer for parents and carers.  

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