SWGfL Donate Reputation Alerts And Whisper To All Schools

22 Jan 2021 Andy Robinson

In response to the January 2021 lockdown measures, our partners SWGfL are offering support to schools and the wider community by offering two of their products Whisper and Reputation Alerts free of charge for a five-week period whilst restrictions are in place. Communication and awareness are vitally important for the current time and with these donations, schools can take back some control and still feel connected to their community.

What is Reputation Alerts?

Reputation Alerts is a management tool that allows you to see who is talking about your school online. Whether it’s the media, blogs or online comments, Reputation Alerts gathers your mentions and reports them back to you whilst giving you direct links to where each mention came from.

Members of the public have the opportunity to talk about all aspects of the school through a variety of channels whether it’s social media, media outlets or discussion forums. Regardless of whether it is good comment or bad, a schools’ online reputation is constantly being moulded around posts such as these. What’s most frustrating though, is it very easy to miss what is being said!

Having control over our online reputation can be challenging, especially as the internet is such a vast, accessible field. That’s why, with this donation, you can take control of your online mentions in a time when more and more people will be using the internet. Reputation Alerts reports who has been talking about your school and opens opportunities to respond to positive and negative comments in a quick and easy manner.

What is Whisper?

Whisper is an anonymous communication system that allows students, staff and parents the opportunity to report any concerns they may be having. Through SMS or online forms, the community can feel confident in speaking up whilst schools actively manage their safeguarding duties away from the school gates.

The initial lockdown in 2020 meant pupils, parents and staff had limited means to make contact with the school for anonymous purposes. SWGfL already donated Whisper last year which opened up new lines of communication within the school community. Throughout the donation, Whisper reached over 35,000 pupils last year!

Although school communities may feel better prepared this time around, there’s still a struggle to maintain safeguarding responsibilities, especially with the current limitations surrounding communication. That’s why SWGfL opened the donation for schools to use as soon as possible. Don’t let lockdown silence your community!

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