SWGfL Launch Updated TikTok Checklist

16 Dec 2021 UK SIC

Our partners at SWGfL have brought out an updated TikTok checklist available to download and preorder. Last week they hosted an online event with TikTok titled ‘Exploring Media Literacy’ where the new checklist was introduced and new resources were explained to a host of professionals working with children and young people.  The event also highlighted some of the latest privacy and security settings made available on the online platform with a special introduction from TikTok about some of their latest updates and research around online challenges. The checklist breaks down how users can perform certain actions to keep their profiles more in their control.

The new checklist looks at the following areas:

  • What is TikTok
  • How to stay safe on TikTok
  • What about parental controls?
  • How do I report a problem?
  • Blocking users on TikTok
  • Gifting on TikTok
  • Limit the content you see
  • Supporting community and wellbeing

You can download the new checklist straight away or you can preorder it for delivery from SWGfL from their landing page or from their store.

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