SWGfL Release new Netflix Parental Control Checklist

23 Sep 2020 Andy Robinson

It can be a worry for some parents whether all the content is suitable for the family on video streaming services. A lot these apps bring together a range of different shows that are suitable for different ages and can be quite easily accessed if the correct measures aren’t put in place.  This is why, our partners at SWGfL and Netflix have created the brand new checklist that covers all the necessary points when it comes to parental controls.

What is covered?

The Netflix Checklist is broken down into five sections with a review page to check that everything has been covered and understood. Each section is then broken down into handy steps taking you through the necessary routes to manage your settings. Included is:

  • How to set up children’s accounts
  • How to add maturity ratings
  • How to block shows
  • How to lock profiles
  • How to turn autoplay on and off
  • How to access viewing history

Having the information ready to download or in a handy booklet ensures you can stay on top of keeping your family safe online

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