SWGfL welcome new industry partners TikTok and Bumble to StopNCII.org

20 Dec 2022 UK SIC

Our partners SWGfL were pleased to announce earlier this month that TikTok and Bumble Inc. have joined Facebook and Instagram as Industry Partners of StopNCII.org.

This free global tool created by SWGfL and Meta was created to prevent the sharing of non-consensual intimate images online.

Now, on the one-year anniversary, StopNCII.org has helped over 12,000 people across the world create cases in the prevention of intimate images and videos from being shared online without consent.

The free global platform has over 70 global NGO partners and since its first year in operation has had over 40,000 hashes created.

StopNCII.org uses world-first, on-device hashing technology that allows those adults being threatened with intimate image abuse to create unique identifiers of their images (‘hashes’ or digital fingerprints).

The ground-breaking aspect of StopNCII.org is that only hashes are shared, not the original image (or video) which never leaves the user’s device. To protect the user’s privacy, hashes are presented as a string of letters and numbers, rather than the image itself. Images online that match the hash will be sent for moderation by the participating platform (those who are partners of StopNCII.org).

Protecting adults against intimate image abuse

The Revenge Porn Helpline alone saw cases increase by over 40% between 2020 and 2021, showing how essential a tool like StopNCII.org is for the current climate.

Adults can now ensure that their intimate images stay private across participating partners TikTok, Bumble Inc, Instagram and Facebook.

StopNCII.org ‘empowers adults to take protective action whilst taking control away from perpetrators of intimate image abuse.’ To find out more you can read the full release from SWGfL here.

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