Continue to Tackle Online Abuse in Sport with Report Harmful Content

22 Aug 2023 UK SIC

Since the start of the Women’s Football World Cup, Report Harmful Content have been highlighting various ways in which we can all report online abuse and harassment faced by athletes and other online users. The services #TackleOnlineAbuse campaign has explored the importance of creating a positive online space during and beyond this high-profile sporting event.

Although the World Cup has brought positivity, there have been times where players and teams have been subject to harmful content, whether that be comments focusing on physical appearance, player ability, or personality; all of which highlight the need to raise awareness around how to report online abuse and harassment.

Now that the World Cup has reached its exciting conclusion, Report Harmful Content’s campaign will continue to highlight the information and resources available to anyone who needs support throughout further sporting events.

Tackle Online Abuse and Support the Campaign  

Throughout the World Cup, Report Harmful Content, along with other organisations and individuals, have been combating online abuse in sports. However, with many significant sporting events yet to come, athletes and others will continue to be targeted with harassment and harm online.

To continue to tackle occurrences of detrimental content, it’s important that we still highlight the message of this campaign and the reporting options available. You can create a consistent, kinder online space for everyone, during and after your favourite sporting event, by sharing information and guidance from Report Harmful Content. 

Download Reporting Guidance

To provide specific guidance, Report Harmful Content has developed an online resource that offers valuable guidance on Reporting Online Harassment and Abuse in Sport. This explores the steps and actions that we can all take to effectively respond to online harm.

Download the Report Harmful Content Button

Organisations, schools and colleges can download the Report Harmful Content button onto their websites, to give online communities an additional reporting route. The button allows access to guidance which supports reporting across a variety of online platforms.

Report Harmful Content is a national reporting service from SWGfL and UKSIC, that provides support around various reporting options, for some of the most high-profile platforms. The service also provides individuals with the option to escalate reports if no action has previously been taken by platform moderators. Discover all of the services advice, guidance and resources by visiting their website.

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