Test your online safety knowledge with the Safer Internet Day Quiz!

17 Jan 2018 UK SIC

Calling all young people aged 7-13! Now’s the time to test your online safety knowledge and take our 2020 Safer Internet Day Quiz.

This year’s Safer Internet Day theme is ‘Free to be – exploring identity online’ and we are exploring how young people explore identity online, opening up conversations with young people on whether the internet allows them to experiment and express themselves. This could be in their friendships or relationships, how they take and share images and videos or how they manage their privacy and data. 

From edited selfies to cartoon profile pictures

The questions in the quiz cover a range of scenarios that you might find yourself dealing with online, such as:

  • What you should do if you receive a friend request from someone you don’t know.
  • How you can support your friends to be themselves online.
  • What you can do if people post photos of you that may be embarrassing.

In the process of taking the quiz, you will receive lots of helpful feedback and advice. 

Take the Quiz

The Safer Internet Day Quiz is designed for 7-13 year olds, but can be played by anyone, and can be used alongside the Education Packs and Safer Internet Day films or used on its own. Why not see how everyone in your family does? 

To take the quiz visit www.saferinternet.org.uk/sid-quiz

More resources this Safer Internet Day

This Safer Internet Day we want to make the internet an inclusive place. Everyone has a part to play in this happening – whether by being an upstander, an ally, a champion for difference, or just by being themselves.

To help make Safer Internet Day bigger than ever before, there are 5 key things you can do this week:

5 Key things you can do this week!

Register as a supporter and join hundreds of organisations across the UK on the supporters’ list. If you have already registered then encourage other organisations to sign up too!

Join the #freetobe social media campaign – download our template and create your own design!

Take a look at the great resources on the UK Safer Internet Centre website, including Education Packs, Films, top tips and more!

Make the most out of your time online by taking a look at these top tips this Safer Internet Day. From expressing yourself to embracing differences, these top tips look at all the things that you should be free to be online.

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