Twitter’s new app Periscope

10 Apr 2015 UK SIC

Last month Twitter launched Periscope – a livestreaming app which lets you broadcast video live online.

The app lets you tune in to other people’s broadcasts, or you can broadcast your own live video. Throughout the broadcast people can post comments or share hearts.

While there are positive uses, there are a few potential risks around what young people share, who they are communicating with and what they see.

As with everything, it’s about being informed and making good choices, that’s why we’ve put together some top tips for young people:

  • Think before you broadcast. Remember that your broadcast can be recorded by someone and then potentially shared and uploaded anywhere online – think carefully about what you are sharing. Check out our video chat guide.
  • Consider your privacy. It’s worth considering who you would like to share the broadcast with; there are settings to make your broadcast private. We recommend that you don’t share your location.
  • Report any concerns. To report a broadcast, scroll to the bottom of the info panel and tap the Report icon. Tap to confirm. If you see a user posting abusive comments in a broadcast, please take a screenshot and email
  • Block anyone who is abusive or makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Remember it is never too late to tell someone. If anything worries you, it’s vital to tell a trusted adult or you can chat confidentially to ChildLine online or on 0800 1111. Remember can report to the police via the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (

To find out more about safety features on Twitter and other popular social networks, check out our guide.

Other livestreaming services to watch out for: Meerkat, YouNow.

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