UK Safer Internet Centre hosts Insafe training meeting in London

28 Sep 2011 UK SIC

The UK Safer Internet Centre hosted a meeting of the network of awareness centres and helplines from across Europe at the Strand Palace Hotel between 13-15th September 2011. The network meeting, which takes place twice every year in different locations around Europe, gathered over 100 people representing 31 awareness centres, helplines and hotlines. The event ran over three days and as always focused on building and strengthening the relationships and knowledge base between Safer Internet Centres. The programme included presentations and workshops around Safer Internet Day 2012 and social media, with speakers from Facebook, Ofcom, Google, YouTube, and LSE as well as members of the Insafe community. A separate programme ran for the helplines alongside that for the awareness centres, allowing helpline representatives to share information, advice and resources. 

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