UK Safer Internet Centre launch the Safer Internet Day 'Have your Say' survey

24 Sep 2012 UK SIC

This Safer Internet Day, the UK Safer Internet Centre is giving children and young people the opportunity to share their views about their online rights.

We have launched the Safer Internet Day Have your Say survey, which asks children and young people from the UK to consider what they believe will make the internet a better place, also giving them the chance to reflect on their own online responsibilities, considering how the way they act online can affect their own and other people’s online experiences. We will present the collated views and opinions of children and young people across the UK to the government on Safer Internet Day.

How can we take part?

We have developed surveys for primary age (7-11 years) and secondary age (11-18 years) pupils. The survey shouldn’t take longer than 30 mins to fill in. You can either complete the survey online, or download and print the survey and post back to us. These are available, along with guidance notes, at

Please help us to raise the voice of children and young people around the UK by encouraging your school or group to complete the survey by 31st October 2012.

If you have any questions about the survey, please do feel free to email who will be able to help.

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