UKSIC welcomes government decision to criminalise “downblousing” and the sharing of pornographic deepfakes

28 Nov 2022 UK SIC

The UK Safer Internet Centre (UKSIC) has welcomed a government announcement that will see “downblousing” and the sharing of pornographic deepfakes without consent criminalised.

The changes, which come under a planned amendment to the Online Safety Bill, sees the government introducing several new laws tackling a range of abusive behaviour.

Anyone caught partaking in “downblousing”, where photos are taken down a woman’s top without consent, or sharing pornographic “deepfakes”, explicit images or videos which have been manipulated to look or sound like someone without their consent, risks imprisonment.

A spokesperson for the UKSIC said: “This move by the government, which comes following recommendations from the Law Commission, is one that is greatly needed as the impact these types of offences have on victims remains life changing.

“In 2021, our Revenge Porn Helpline saw a 40% rise in the number of intimate image abuse cases being called in, compared to the previous year. This type of abuse predominantly targets women, and our data shows that it continues to grow. It’s unacceptable and we hope these changes act as a deterrent for anyone considering partaking in such heinous activities.

“We hope that victims can now feel that the legal support is now there for them to come forward and feel comfort in the fact that prosecution can be sought against those who put them through this abuse.”

The Revenge Porn Helpline stands for those victims of non-consensual intimate image abuse and if you are experiencing any of the issues raised visit or call 0345 6000 459. 

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