We're Better Without Bullying'

19 Nov 2012 UK SIC

This week, 19th – 23rd November is anti-bullying week and this year’s Anti-Bullying Week theme is ‘We’re Better Without Bullying’

Research released today by the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) to mark the start of the Anti-Bullying Week, highlights how bullying can hold children back from achieving their full potential.

Ross Hendry, Chair of the Anti-Bullying Alliance says the results of the survey are very worrying: “We know that bullying can lead to children missing school, failing exams, dropping out of sport, avoiding extra-curricular activities and limiting their life choices.  It’s unacceptable that rather than celebrate their talent, they feel that they have to hide their gifts, purposely underachieve in crucial subjects and miss out on things they enjoy because of bullying.

 “Bullying is holding our children back and stifling their future. Let’s make a stand together this Anti-Bullying Week and make it clear that bullying is unacceptable and it must be tackled. We really are better without bullying.”


For further information about Anti-Bullying Week contact Jess Champion at jchampion@ncb.org.uk 

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