What it’s like to be on the frontline of the fight against online child sexual abuse?

28 Oct 2022 Angela Munoz Aroca

Protecting children is at the heart of everything the IWF does, a partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre. Every one of their analysts has a different story to tell, but they all have in common being extraordinarily resilient and compassionate people. The team does one of the most fulfilling yet difficult jobs in the world, searching for and eliminating online images and videos of children being sexually abused online.

The team is looking to onboard two more analysts. Which qualities are most wanted for this position? IWF analyst Mabel rightly highlights that having “a good heart and an analytical mind” are the perfect starting points to succeed on this role.  

We won’t lie. It’s a tough job but IWF analysts are world leaders on this field. The work they do helps safeguard child victims of this cruel crime and make the internet a safer space for children and adults worldwide.

Listen to the latest IWF podcast episode of the series ‘In Conversation With’ and listen to their analysts Emilia, Mabel and Peter talk about their daily tasks and the impact their work has in the lives of many children worldwide.

To Find out more about the job roles and how to apply go to iwf.org.uk/careers.

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