What’s happening on Safer Internet Day in the UK?

03 Feb 2022 UK SIC

Safer Internet Day is such a busy event that it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of everything that is going on! February 8th will bring together people from all over the world to celebrate and spread awareness around safer internet use. In the UK, we’ll be focussing on the theme of ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’ and it’s already great to see what’s planned for the day. Take a look below and see what’s going on!

Events Happening Across the UK

  • Liverpool Football Club are partnering with UKSIC once again to live stream an event aimed at primary and secondary schools around the theme of Safer Internet Day 2022. Watch it live on the UK Safer Internet Centre YouTube channel at 2 pm and see the team talk online safety. There are half an hour sessions for primary schools and secondary schools.
  • As well as this, UKSIC is also partnering with Everton in the community to deliver an educational session on Safer Internet Day to 1,300 young people aged 7-11 across a number of different schools in Liverpool.
  • YouthLink Scotland are running a digital youth work conference from 9:30am – 15:30pm on the theme (All fun and games: exploring respect and relationships online).  The conference is set to explore online gaming and youth work, online relationships as well as how youth workers can help young people develop their cyber resilience. There’s also opportunity to hear insight from young people themselves!
  • The Welsh government will be announcing the winners of the long-anticipated film competition which tasked young people with creating films that showed the importance of respecting each other online. The tagline for the competition was ‘Respect me. My internet, my rights’ Find out who the winner was on the day!
  • UKSIC will be at the BT Tower announcing the impact and reach of Safer Internet Day across the UK, as well as sharing the latest research from young people about the theme.
  • Our social media campaign will commence with schools, charities and other organisations tweeting the following at 8am:

#SaferInternetDay is on 8th February 2022! Want to know more about the day and how you can get involved? Why not check out the free films and resources from @UK_SIC! saferinternetday.org.uk

They’ll also be hundreds of organisations who’ll be showing their support on social media whilst showing what they’ll be doing to celebrate on the day. Social media is always a great place to see what is going on, so make sure you follow the UKSIC twitter and stay up-to-date. If you haven’t yet registered as a supporter, then make sure you sign up now to the supporters list and tell us what your school or organisation will be doing on February 8th.

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