Youth Consultation

25 Feb 2014 UK SIC

What would you do to create a better internet?

As part of Safer Internet Day 2014 the European commission are gathering ideas from young people about how to make the internet better. 

So far a number of young people from across Europe have given their opinions on what matters to them when it comes to our digital future.  These ideas include:

  • The opportunity to express ourselves freely on the Internet – to seek, receive and impart information and ideas.
  • The right to feel physically good without the possibility for you to get harmed because of the Internet.
  • Lessons for online employability and entrepreneurial issues should be included in schools
  • The right to access education to develop my digital literacy skills

Now it is your opportunity to have your say. 

By logging onto you can choose which ideas to vote for and also submit your ideas for others to choose.  You can also invite your friends to take part.

All the ideas submitted will be collected as part of the European consultation for young people across Europe. 

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