Youth Manifesto for a Better Internet

29 Apr 2015 UK SIC

In February 2014 the Youth Manifesto initiative was launched by a group of young ambassadors as part of Safer Internet Day. 

The overall objective was to gain the perspective of Europe’s future digital citizens on what needs to done to achieve the full potential of the internet as a universal tool for communication and learning. 

Over a year, young people from across Europe submitted and then voted on Youth Manifesto Principles. The resulting Youth Manifesto contains ten principles reflecting the digital rights and opportunities that Europe’s young people view as most essential for building a better internet.

Youth Manifesto Principles

  • Free, unrestricted access: We want free, unrestricted access to the internet so we can learn and share.
  • Education and support: We want support and education about the internet – for everyone!
  • Privacy and data protection: We want to be able to protect our data and privacy online.
  • Respect online: We want an online world free from bullying, racism and intolerance.
  • Infrastructure and connectivity: We want more investments in ICT infrastructures to provide widescale high-quality, high-speed connectivity.
  • Terms and conditions: We want terms and conditions that are simple to understand.
  • Good quality and reliable content: We want access to good quality and reliable content online.
  • A hack-free online environment: We want our personal information kept safe from online hackers.
  • Freedom of expression: We want to be able to express ourselves freely online.
  • Democracy online: We want an open and democratic internet.

Download a copy of the Youth Manifesto for a Better Internet here.

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