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09 Oct 2014 UK SIC

Do you agree that schools should do more to educate children and young people on staying safe online? Do you think there should be more freedom online? Do you want better online reporting systems?

The Youth Manifesto project is now calling on young people to vote on the proposals that will make up the Youth Manifesto declaration. 

In September, young people from over 31 EU countries were consulted to come up with ways to improve the internet. With the aim of forming the Youth Manifesto declaration, the competition invited young people to create resources to express ideas around creating a better internet.

With the competition now closed, a group of Youth Ambassadors voted and whittled the proposals down to 30. From these 30, 10 will form the Youth Manifesto declaration and you can have your say on which ones will be presented to high-level policymakers in autumn 2014.

Completing this surveymonkey link should only take about 5 minutes and it is sure to inspire debate. Students need to rank what proposals they think are most relevant to them.  Statements include ‘do you want education on how to be good, digital citizens?’ or ‘do you think governments should invest more in ICT education’ or ‘do you want better reporting systems online?’  You can vote on the ideas you think are the most relevant until 15 October 2014.

Another part of this Youth Manifesto project is to share resources and videos on how to make the internet a great place. There are some excellent lesson plans and videos for key stage 2 that can be easily downloaded here.  Existing resources from young people can be found here, but unfortunately the deadline for student entries has now passed. Educators, however, can still upload their resources and it is an excellent way to see how internet safety is taught in different countries.

If you would like to see what young people in the UK have previously thought about their online experiences then check our ‘Have Your Say’ survey conducted for Safer Internet Day 2013, which highlighted the key rights and responsibilities expressed by 24,000 young people.

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