Have you heard about Report Harmful Content?

From online education and work, to keeping in touch with friends, everyone has spent extended periods online since April 2020 and, for some, that has come with an element of increased exposure to online risks and harm.

Report Harmful Content, our dedicated reporting helplines, are here to help anyone who sees or experiences harmful content online. If you’ve experienced or witnessed harm online, you can find advice about different types of harm and how to report content on https://reportharmfulcontent.com/  .

One of the most significant issues to be identified in Report Harmful Content’s (RHC) annual report 2020 was the widespread impact of online harms on mental health; 32% of RHC clients reported negative mental health impacts as a result of viewing, or being the victim of, harmful content online, with 13% reporting suicidal ideation. Read the full report here.

Report Harmful Content Survey

We’re calling for your help to answer this questionnaire about the helpline platform Report Harmful Content and to share your experiences of harmful content online.

Report Harmful Content (RHC) is a UK wide reporting centre provided by the UK Safer Internet Centre and operated by our partners at South West Grid for Learning. It was designed to help people report harmful online content and offer support to those who are victims.

The platform does this by giving up to date information on social media community standards. It also gives direct links to the correct reporting facilities across different platforms. The following survey has been created to help us understand how many people over the age of 16 have heard about RHC and their understanding of what harmful content online is. It will only take a few minutes to complete and we’d really appreciate hearing from as many people as possible. 

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