Safari keeps a log of web pages visited, showing the date that the page was viewed. To view a list of the most recently viewed pages click on the ‘History’ tab at the top of the browser window. The browsing history can be cleared by selecting ‘Clear History’ in the drop down menu.

Private Browsing can also be used to browse without creating a log of sites visited or files downloaded. This mode is shown on OSX by the smart search bar turning dark grey and on iOS by the top and bottom bars turning dark.

Private Browsing in iOS

These methods can be used to erase/hide the record of activities online in the browser. It is important to remind children that, although they can erase their browsing history, these methods do not make a user anonymous on sites and services they log into, and that any content uploaded (such as photos, videos and messages) is treated in exactly the same way as it is in non-private browsing. 

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