It’s all change at Snapchat (Snap*) Headquarters with a brand shape up, new app features and even a new product altogether! Is this going to change your snapchatting experience?

First things first; Snapchat is now called Snap. The app we all know and love is still Snapchat but the company that owns it is now a more snappy, Snap. This is mainly because Snap is expanding and is now more than just a mobile app so Snap Inc is the company that covers the mobile app and their new and emerging products. This is where it gets really really cool.

Snap  are in the process of bringing you Spectacles, Sunglasses with an integrated camera so you can enjoy the view and take pictures or video, without having to get your phone out.

On the one hand this is something I’m really excited about, we all look a bit silly at a concert or an occasion when all we can do is watch it through our phone while we take pictures to “remember” the moment but it’s not just about looking silly, you actually miss the moment!  So this is a genius idea. I can however see us running into some issues with this one; it will take a while for people to cotton on to that fact that these spectacles have a camera so photos may be taken and shared without consent, copyright issues with filming in cinemas, maybe? These are just hypothetical problems at the moment as they are yet to be released in the UK, but definitely one to watch.

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