SWGfL, partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre, recently re-launched 360 Degree Safe, the award-winning online safety self-review tool – which is used by more than 10,000 UK schools, making the tool even better. The changes bring the tool up to date and will make it more attractive and easier to use. These include:


The language used within the tool has been updated to reflect the changes to online safety terminology.

All references to e-safety have been replaced with online safety, bringing it in line with Ofsted and other national bodies.

E-Safety Mark becomes Online Safety Mark

From 1st May 2017, the E-Safety Mark accreditation – awarded to schools that demonstrate good online safety practices – will change to the Online Safety Mark. This reflects the change in terminology outlined above.

For those schools who have achieved the E-Safety Mark, this will continue to be recognised until the accreditation expires. After this, if they wish to be re-assessed, they will be awarded with the Online Safety Mark.

The award process remains the same and full details can be found here.

Updated Content

We have refreshed the content throughout the site, making it easier to digest.

We have removed some of the PDF documents in favour of showing content directly on the page. This will make it easier to access and keep up to date.

Security and Stability

We have made a number of minor updates and bug fixes designed to make the tool more stable and secure.


The colour scheme of the tool has been updated in line with the SWGfL brand,  giving the tool a fresher look and improving the user experience.

A white background, more spacing, and subtle animations make it easier to see the different elements on the page, and making the whole experience feel smoother and easier to navigate.


Navigating the website remains fairly similar, but we have removed the drop-down menu in favour of navigating through the pages. This makes it easier to work your way through the content without being overloaded with links.

The self-review tool itself has been made more intuitive; editing your school’s current position is more straightforward, while the improvement actions now appear in line with the section you are working on making it much easier to follow.

Mobile and tablet friendly

You can now use the tool on any device with a web browser. The content, registration process, and tool have all been overhauled to work efficiently on a range of devices of all screen sizes, including mobiles and tablets.

We believe these changes will improve your experience of the tool and ultimately help you to improve Online Safety and Safeguarding in your school.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email webteam@swgfl.org.uk and tell us what you think.

This blog was originally published by SWGfL

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