Filtering accreditation scheme and provider responses

Accredited filtering systems for UK schools and self- certified provider responses

Accredited Filtering Providers

Please note: No filtering system is 100% effective even with accreditation. Schools will have to install systems in accordance with the providers guidance. Schools will need to review and check that systems are working as expected.

Accreditation Scheme

The UK Safer Internet Centre is pleased to announce, a new accreditation process for filtering systems. Given the critical role that filtering and monitoring services play in maintaining a safe and secure online environment in educational institutions, a comprehensive accreditation process is essential. The above providers are the first wave to be accredited under this scheme and we are working to accredit further providers throughout the year.

It offers a credible, robust, and transparent benchmark against which to assess and validate the suitability of filtering systems for schools and colleges. This accreditation seeks to validate the capability of filtering systems with the UK Safer Internet Centre’s filtering definitions. This information helps schools to audit their current provision, make informed decisions, and review market solutions. 

Information for Providers

If you are a filtering provider interested in accrediting your system, please access the below page and find out how you can get involved.

Self-Certified Provider Responses and Checklists

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