Online safety training sessions

Delivering training to schools and professionals

Our specialist team of online safety experts deliver a wide range of online safety training and awareness sessions to schools and any organisations that work with children and young people.

We deliver sessions specifically tailored to the audience which can cover a range of online safety topics according to your requirements. For example some of the sessions we deliver to young people of all ages or staff include topics such as bullying, gaming, mental health and wellbeing, sexting, digital literacy and skills aimed at young people or staff.

Training that works for you

For staff, we can also offer customised sessions around privacy as well as managing professional reputation online. Our parent and carer sessions can also be tailored to your needs and focus mainly on providing parent and carers with information about the latest opportunities and risk online, advice on where to seek help and support, and strategies for engaging with their children and creating positive digital environment for the family.

We work across the UK and beyond in a range of education settings, from early years through to universities to a wealth of different audiences including young people, parents, foster carers, police, social workers, teaching staff and many more!

To find out more check the Training and Events section of our website or drop us an email to discuss your online safety training needs.

More from the UK Safer Internet Centre

We also run free online safety events for teachers and professionals, as well as a peer leadership programme that trains young people to be Digital Leaders. Find out more below.

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