Safer Internet Day 2014 Research

For Safer Internet Day 2014, 21,566 young people aged 7-19 responded to the survey about digital creativity, with 40% having created an app, game, website or blog. Overall, 26% had created a game online, 18% had created a website, 13% had created an app and 11% had created a blog.

Creativity online: young people as digital creators

While the overall number of young people who are creating content remains stable across age, there are significant age trends when considering the different types of content that young people are creating. Younger children are more likely to have created a game, while older children are more likely to have created a website.

Gender differences in digital creativity

35% of girls aged 7-19 years have created digital content compared to 45% of boys aged 7-19 years.

At primary age, the key gender difference is in the creation of games, with 36% of boys having created a game online compared to 26% of girls. Boys show a slightly higher chance of having created an app (15% vs 9%) or website (14% vs 12%), but there are no gender differences in creating blogs (9% vs 9%).

At secondary age, boys are more likely to have created a game (31% vs 12%), website (29% vs 19%) and app (17% vs 11%). However, girls are slightly more likely to have created a blog (13%) compared to boys (11%).


of young people aged 7-11 year olds said they had created a game.


young people aged 11-19 said they had created a website


of young people aged 7-19 say that have created an app