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Celebrated on 10th February 2015

Let’s create a better internet together

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Friendship in a Digital Age Research

For Safer Internet Day 2015 the UK Safer Internet Centre launched a report into the role technology plays in young people’s friendships. The survey of 1,004 young people aged 11-16 years was published Safer Internet Day 2015, 10th February


Over a quarter (26%) of UK 11-16 year olds use 6 or more social networks or messaging apps on a weekly basis, according to the online study of more than a thousand 11-16-year-olds conducted by ResearchBods.

When questioned about their time spent on social networks and messaging apps, 55% of young people said that they see people posting kind, positive or supportive things all or most of the time.

The majority also felt that people are kind to them (63%) and to their friends (59%) on the internet all or most of the time.

Key findings


of 11-16s interact with their closest friends several times an hour


of 11-16s say they’d be lonely if they couldn’t talk to friends via technology


of 11-16s say they communicate with their friends more online than in person

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