Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online.

Top Tips

Top Tips for 7-11s

The internet can be a great place to have fun, play and chat with others and learn new things. Have a look at these tips which will help you stay safe and positive online:

Inspire change by talking about what you do online with people you know

If you find something that you love doing on the internet, let your friends and family know! You can tell them about it and they might enjoy it too! If you come across something on the internet that worries or upsets you, tell a trusted adult and they can help you to block or report it if needed.

Make a difference by being kind online

It can be fun to play and chat with others online, but always think about how your actions and words can make others feel. Make sure to consider the feelings of others before you post and see if you can challenge yourself to make someone smile!

Manage influence by using different sources

When you are looking at things online, make sure you are looking at a range of sources, like different websites, videos and apps. This will help give you a balanced view and help you to recognise different people’s opinions. If we compare different people’s views, we can learn more and form our own ideas.

Navigate change by talking to an adult

Talk about who children can and cannot trust on the internet.
Change online can be great if there’s new games or videos you like to watch but it can sometimes feel worrying. If something has changed online and it is making you feel worried, upset or confused, tell a trusted adult who will be able to help you make your online experience more positive!

Top Tips for 11-14s

The internet can be a great place to have fun and inspire change. Have a look at these tips which will help you stay safe and positive online:

Inspire change by encouraging positivity

With little acts of kindness, we can all work together to help make the internet a more positive place. When you are posting or commenting, think about the impact it will have on others. Can you challenge yourself to make someone happier today? You could leave a kind comment, share a funny post or like a friend’s video.

Make a difference by being an upstander

When something isn’t right or something unkind happens, upstanders take action.  You can be an upstander by standing up for others, offering them support or reporting hateful content. The more we stand up for what is right, the bigger the difference we can make.

Manage influence by taking a balanced approach

The internet can be a great place to find content or influencers that inspire you. There is a wide range of voices and information online, but it is important to take a balanced approach when interacting with content so you can form your own opinions and understand the facts. Make sure to do your own research and use multiple sources.

Navigate change by talking about it

The online world is always changing, with game updates, new content and services, and breaking news stories. Change is an important part of life and can be exciting but can sometimes feel overwhelming too. Talking to friends, family or trusted adults can help you to manage these emotions and understand what is going on.

Top Tips for use with 14-18s

The internet can be a great place to have fun and inspire change. Have a look at these tips which will help you stay safe and positive online:

Inspire change by raising awareness

The internet is an amazing place to learn new things, educate yourself and inspire others to make a difference. You can use the internet to talk about specific issues such as climate change, fast fashion or equality and to hear from people with different perspectives. Why not inspire change by creating awareness posts, signing petitions or researching charities and  other organisations.

Make a difference by sharing your knowledge

Your ideas and your voice matters. Use your experiences and online research to help those around you. Even something simple like recommending apps and websites you like to use or the people you follow online can help inspire others. The online world can be challenging, so share your tips and advice, like how to report or look after your digital wellbeing with those around you.

Manage influence by making positive choices

There is a huge amount of inspiring and engaging content online, but sometimes the things we see and hear on the internet can affect our feelings and behaviour. Make sensible and informed choices about who you want to follow and interact with online by reflecting on how they make you feel. Remember it’s okay to unfollow, mute or block accounts and keywords if they’re making you feel upset or uncomfortable.

Navigate change by talking about it

 The online world is changing all the time, with exciting new developments, trends and technology. However, if you’re finding change overwhelming or feeling pressure to stay up to date, then it’s always best to talk about it. Talk with friends, family or an adult you trust about what’s going on and how it makes you feel – even if they can’t fix it for you straightaway, they can offer support and may even be going through the same thing.