Empower your students with the Digital Leaders programme

04 Oct 2022 UK SIC

The Childnet Digital Leaders Programme is a youth leadership programme, empowering young people to educate their peers about online safety.

The programme is part the UK Safer Internet Centre’s work and co-ordinated by our partner Childnet.

With the new term in full swing, we wanted to highlight the programme so that professionals in schools and wider educational settings are aware of the benefits of signing up.

What is involved in the programme?

Learners complete training in groups on an informative and gamified platform, working through virtual modules and equipping them to educate their peers about online safety.

Joining the programme will give your school or education setting access to the online platforms for either primary or secondary ages.

Not only can Digital Leaders educate their communities, but they can also collaborate with other Digital Leaders across the UK and wider.

An enriching programme

We regularly hear about the brilliant ways that Digital Leaders are impacting their communities.

95% of teachers who are involved with the programme say that it impacted on a whole-school level, whilst 93% of Digital Leaders said the training made them feel more confident about educating other pupils in their school.

Digital Leaders will receive special guidance on how to effectively:

  • Online safety assemblies for other year groups
  • Contributing to school newsletters
  • Steering sessions for parents and carers on how to support their children online

That’s not to mention the difference they can make by getting their voices heard – Digital Leaders are at the heart of Safer Internet Day, with the chance of contributing to events, research and speaking to the media.

See more about Digital Leaders in action here.

An all new platform

The launch of the new training platform has ensured that learning about online safety has never been more fun, accessible and engaging!

Other new features include a Team Leaderboard where Digital Leaders can compete with their classmates, as well as a virtual companion who guides and encourages them through the learning content, unlockable customisable backgrounds and more.

With so many benefits for learners, schools and communities, why wouldn’t you register your interest to receive an information pack and free preview of the platform?

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