IWF launches ‘It can happen in any home’, the latest podcast episode of Pixels from a Crime Scene

28 Sep 2022 Angela Munoz Aroca

Under the premise that ‘there is an open door into children’s lives’ that criminals are exploiting solely with an internet connection, the new podcast episode form the Internet Watch Foundation, a partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre, explores the growing threat of coerced ‘self-generated’ child sexual abuse material.

This content is created by children who have been groomed and coerced by adult perpetrators into performing sexually over webcams. And the IWF warns that this can happen in any home.  

In this episode, we hear from police and law enforcement, victims, experts and the IWF professionals tirelessly working to remove this criminal material from the internet. We also look at the technological advances helping in this global fight, such as the IWF’s new Intelligrade hashing system, and even explore the motivations and psychology of perpetrators.

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