Self-Generated Content

28 September 2022 Angela Munoz Aroca

IWF launches ‘It can happen in any home’, the latest podcast episode of Pixels from a Crime Scene

The new podcast episode explores the growing threat of coerced ‘self-generated’ child sexual abuse material.

31 August 2022 Angela Munoz Aroca

IWF data shows 20,000 webpages included coerced ‘self-generated’ sexual abuse imagery of 7- to 10-year-olds in first half of 2022

When compared to the first half of 2020, the increase in this type of content depicting 7–10-year-olds children is of…

27 April 2021 Angela Munoz Aroca

IWF campaign launches as new report finds girls at worsening risk of grooming from sexual predators online

A hard-hitting new IWF campaign, a partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre, is warning teenage girls and their parents…

18 January 2021 Angela Munoz Aroca

‘Grave threat’ to children from predatory internet groomers as online child sexual abuse material soars to record levels

A record number of reports of online child sexual abuse have been processed by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).

9 November 2020 Andy Robinson

New national inquiry into ‘disturbing’ rise of ‘self-generated’ child sexual abuse material

A National inquiry into “disturbing” increases in self-generated child sexual abuse images has been launched amid warnings of online communities…

7 October 2020 Andy Robinson

‘Disturbing’ rise in videos of children who have been groomed into filming their own abuse

Videos and images where children have been manipulated into recording their own abuse now make up nearly half of all…

28 September 2020 Andy Robinson

Hundreds of individual victims in videos of “self-generated” child sexual abuse in one week

In one week alone, analysts saw almost 700 individual girls being exploited and coerced into filming their own abuse. This…