Looking at the benefits of Project Evolve

30 Oct 2020 Becca Cawthorne

Since Project Evolve launched its new registration process, our partners at SWGfL are delighted to announce that over 500 schools and organisations are already signed up to the digital education toolkit in the space of just a couple of weeks! Not only that, but the number of users who are actively using Project Evolve exceeds over 1400.

The new sign up allows schools to access all the free resources for their own learning development at the click of a button.

Why is Project Evolve so Popular?

In the age of technology, we have a responsibility to keep up with all the advances from an education point of view. Although we may not believe it, the ones who will keep up with technology the most, are the younger generations. Our online lives can shape a lot of our behaviours that can mould the way we think and determine how we tackle challenges. It really is a vast field that can sometimes be overwhelming when applying it to young children.

That’s why Project Evolve aims to take those challenges and apply them into a learning opportunity. The resources look to provide knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes over 8 strands that cover aspects of staying safe online. Online safety knowledge is more than just a box that needs to be ticked each year, it goes with us everywhere now! Whether it’s the classroom or our living rooms, there is a constant ‘online’ world that is happening around us.

Project Evolve equips you with everything you need to know whilst giving you the freedom to shape your own strategies with the ability to use the resources however you see fit. Educators across the UK are seeing why this information is so relevant for the modern age. Stay ahead of the game and use Project Evolve!

How Do I Sign Up For Project Evolve

It really couldn’t be simpler. Putting in some basic contact details and your organisations name will give you unlimited access to Project Evolve. The best part is . . . it’s free! Signing up allows your organisation to make the best possible use of the resources however you see fit. Not only that, but there’s more to come! The work that goes into Project Evolve is continuous and will look to develop the guidance even further so even more research and resources will be available.

Signing up means Project Evolve will support you for the foreseeable future, delivering new and updated material over the coming months.

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