Looking at the impact the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme has

07 Aug 2020 Becca Cawthorne

This blog looks at the impact of the Digital Leaders Programme on young people’s online behaviours, confidence, knowledge and wellbeing as well as whole school impact

The Digital Leaders Programme is Childnet’s peer to peer online safety training and leadership programme, available to UK educational settings. The programme empowers young people to be ‘Digital Leaders’, leading their peers and whole school community in online safety education. We regularly hear about the brilliant ways that Digital Leaders are impacting their communities, from leading assemblies for other year groups, to writing articles in school newsletters, and leading sessions for parents on how to support their children online.

In order to evaluate the impact of the programme, we conduct an annual survey for participants of the programme, including young people and their teachers. The results of this survey inform our annual Impact Report and we are happy to now present our Digital Leaders Programme Impact Report 2020! We are excited to share this report with the wider online safety community as we’re thrilled with the results. They are a testament to the incredible young people we have on the programme, who are working so hard to teach others about online safety.

The report shows how the programme impacts young people’s online behaviours, confidence, knowledge, and wellbeing, and prepares them to be peer educators. It found that:

  • 93% of Digital Leaders said the training made them feel more confident about educating pupils in their school
  • 81% of teachers have noticed safer online behaviours from young people as a result of the programme
  • 81% of teachers said the programme has helped their school staff fulfil their safeguarding duties.

To learn more about how the Digital Leaders Programme could fit in to your school, visit the ‘How it Works’ page on the programme’s website. For further information and access to a free trial of the training platform, register your interest in the programme here: digital-leaders.childnet.com/join/.

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