New feedback feature for UK Safer Internet Centre website

29 Mar 2024 UK SIC

The UK Safer Internet Centre is pleased to release a brand-new feedback feature for the UK Safer Internet Centre website. This new feature is there for users to rate our guidance and articles to see how much value the information brings to their understanding and awareness of online safety.

If you would like to feedback on a particular piece of guidance, you can find the rating system at the bottom of the page. Just leave a rating out of 5 depending on how informative you found the information – you don’t have to leave your name or email address, it’s all anonymous.

What will your feedback mean?

The UK Safer Internet Centre is always looking to understand more about user experience, especially around what information they find the most useful and valuable. Your feedback will help us to guide further articles and resources around the information that has proven to be most relevant and applicable, as well as helping us to improve the advice and support we provide. 

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