New Video Wall Launched for Safer Internet Day 2023

05 Dec 2022 UK SIC

We are pleased to announce that the new Safer Internet Day video wall has launched!

Showcasing young people talking about their online lives as part of our theme for this year ‘Want to talk about it? Sharing your online experience’, we encourage young people to share their own experiences to the video wall.

How can young people get involved?

It couldn’t be simpler, any young person aged 7-18 can upload a short film about their online experiences.

Whether about what they would change on the internet if they could, or what they enjoy the most about using the internet, it can cover a range of topics from social media, to online reputation, online bullying, video gaming or even celebrities and influencers.

It’s a fantastic chance to let them have their say this Safer Internet Day. Find out more in this video below.

Videos will be moderated by the team and published on the video wall. It is important that all videos meet the submission rules. Young people will need to get the support of a responsible adult to submit their video to us by asking a parent/guardian/teacher/youth leader to approve their submission. Any video submitted without adult support cannot be published on the video wall.

Safer Internet Day Films are also now available to watch for primary and secondary schools which showcase some of the submissions around what young people want to talk about. Take a look right here on our films page.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t yet registered your support for Safer Internet Day, you can get involved right here!

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