Online Safety Live – New Events Available for Autumn

08 Sep 2023 UK SIC

The UK Safer Internet Centre has been actively committed to advancing professionals’ comprehension of maintaining online safety standards within their communities. Among the highly successful initiatives organized by the SWGfL team on behalf of the UK Safer Internet Centre are the Online Safety Live events.

These Online Safety Live events feature free sessions specifically designed for professionals working with children and young individuals. They are meticulously curated to provide educators, social workers, and various other professionals with the latest insights into online safety and effective strategies for addressing contemporary digital threats.

What Topics Are Covered?

These events delve into a diverse array of subjects, encompassing topics such as online grooming, cyberbullying, sexting, and online radicalization. Conducted both online and in-person, these sessions are led by SWGfL team members who possess extensive expertise in their respective domains.

Online Safety Live events are accessible at various locations across the UK, affording participants the flexibility to select the most relevant session. Typically, each session spans approximately an hour and a half.

Online Safety Live Events

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Previous sessions have played a pivotal role in enhancing professionals’ comprehension of the online risks encountered by children and young people. Moreover, they equip attendees with effective strategies for risk mitigation. These events represent an outstanding initiative to foster awareness of online safety within your communities.

In addition to Online Safety Live events, SWGfL provide a variety of training options to assist professionals in addressing a wide range of online safety and safeguarding concerns. If you would like to learn more about how these options can support your organisation, please visit the additional training page below.

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