ProjectEVOLVE evaluation report launched

31 Mar 2022 UK SIC

A new report has been launched that looks at data collected from ProjectEVOLVE. This extensive analysis of the data aims to understand online safety delivery and assessment in schools. The platform provides teaching and learning resources (aspects) tailored to specific needs across 8 strands of online safety and digital literacy, as well as assessments (Knowledge Maps) to allow classroom teachers to assess student knowledge across these strands. Professor Andy Phippen from Bournemouth University has conducted the assessment.

What is included in the report?

This analysis of the ProjectEVOLVE data is the first of its kind, considering the ProjectEVOLVE database from the start of March 2022 and draws from the users, which include 6,617 educational establishments, 24,148 individual users in total. Users have viewed aspects 252,680 times, with some schools viewing resources over 500 times. 83,667 Knowledge Maps have been used to assess student knowledge in the classroom and supporting their knowledge development. Take a look at some of the top stats below.

Perhaps the most significant finding is the scale of use of the platform by schools. ProjectEVOLVE is unquestionably providing tools and resources that education professionals value and see as important. Its growth will give unique knowledge about how online safety education is delivered in schools and how digital competencies are assessed.

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