ProjectEVOLVE – Public report published

31 Jan 2022 UK SIC

The ProjectEVOLVE public report has now been published which gives a detailed look into how the toolkit has been used by professionals working with children and young people as well as the impact it has had across the national landscape since its creation in 2019. ProjectEVOLVE is a UKSIC project that gives professionals a free digital toolkit to educate young people about their online lives.

Written by Professor Andy Phippen (Bournemouth University) and Professor Emma Bond (University of Suffolk), the report takes a deep dive into the data of the toolkit and breaks down how professionals have been using it. It looks at the most popular age groups, most common topics that have been explored as well as the regions of the UK where it has been used the most.

Take a look at the report and see how ProjectEVOLVE has been used.

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