A deep dive into the Safer Internet Day 2023 resources: 3-7 years edition 

12 Jan 2023 UK SIC

Each year in the UK, Safer Internet Day explores a new issue or theme which is impacting the lives of young people in the UK. 

This year, the theme is all about putting children and young people’s voices at the forefront of the campaign, encouraging them to help shape the future of online safety support. 

The education resources are there to help teachers and professionals – whether as part of a school, charity, youth group, police service, business, library or wider – to deliver engaging and interactive Safer Internet Day sessions. 

Geared around starting conversations, the activities provide opportunities to hear from children and young people about the issues most affecting them online. By understanding their perspectives and experiences, we can provide the very best support and advice. 

What’s included in the educational resources for 3-7 year olds? 

The resources include activities that:

  • Start conversations with children and young people about their online experiences
  • Engage families, parents and carers at home
  • Can be led by children and young people
  • Promote speaking up and different ways to get support

 There is also an assembly which introduces the Safer Internet Day campaign and theme. 

Only have a few minutes spare?

Read the story of Hanni and the Magic Window. In this short story, Hanni sees something through the magic window which upsets her, but she struggles to find the right words to let someone know what’s happened and how she feels.

The story reinforces the message of how important it is to ask for help straight away when you need it. At the end of the story there are questions to explore your learners’ understanding of events and discuss who they could go to for help with a problem. 

How should I shape a whole lesson using the resources?

Three activities that have been designed to work together are, ‘Hanni and the Magic Window,’ ‘Create your own window,’ and ‘Can you help me please?’ 

Once you have read ‘Hanni and the Magic Window’ with your learners, and discussed the questions at the end, invite them to create a magic window scene of their own.

What enchanted, mysterious worlds or experiences would they love to see? You could be as creative as you like with this activity using collage, paint or even having learners create their scenes using technology.

‘Can you help me please?’ is a board game that can be played in groups, designed to encourage learners to find the words that they need to ask for help with different problems.  

How can I get parents and carers involved?

For children aged 3-5, ‘Recommend an app’ is an activity to help engage parents and carers at home and get them talking about technology with their children.

Using the template provided in the pack, the family needs to choose their favourite age-appropriate app and explain why they would recommend it to others.

For children aged 6-7, the ‘Internet interview’ is a fantastic take-home activity that families can do together. Results of the interviews could then form the basis of further activities.  

How else can I get involved in Safer Internet Day?

There are a few other things you can be doing if you want the next chapter of Safer Internet Day to be bigger and better than ever.

Register as a supporter

Join organisations from across the UK and register as a Safer Internet Day supporter. For inspiration, see what people across the UK are doing to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2023!

Contribute to the Youth Charter

This Safer Internet Day we are creating a national youth charter setting out children and young people’s agenda and the changes they want to see in how they’re supported online. Schools and youth groups can use the form on this page to submit your own Youth Charter and have your voices heard!

Take a look at our films

We have created a range of Safer Internet Day films to help you deliver sessions for Safer Internet Day, whether you are a school, nursery, youth group, library, police service, or wider. 

Get involved on social media

This pack is designed to help your organisation celebrate the day on social media. The social media pack includes information about the theme, as well as ways you can join the conversation on 7th February.

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