Spot and Support Campaign from SWGfL’s Harmful Sexual Behaviour Support Service

06 May 2022 UK SIC

Earlier this year our partner SWGfL (alongside the Marie Collins Foundation) launched the Harmful Sexual Behaviour Support Service, which helps professionals who are supporting young people impacted and affected by harmful sexual behaviour (HSB).

Until the 9th May, the HSB support service is providing further guidance across LinkedIn and Twitter with the ‘Spot and Support’ campaign.

Each day, this campaign will highlight ways that professionals can spot signs of HSB in young people as well as ways that professionals can help young people in their care.

Here is some advice that has already been shared:

  • If you think children may be viewing sexual content online, ask them to consider how the time spent online is affecting their real-life perceptions of relationships and other people.
  • If a student is using aggressive or sexualised language, ask them why they are using it and explain why it is inappropriate and damaging to others.
  • It is vital to emphasise the importance of consent around sexual activity with peers. If a child appears visibly uncomfortable when talking about their experiences, carefully ask if anything is troubling them.
  • If you believe a child is engaging in, or affected by, abusive or sexually violent behaviour, you should try and provide a safe space to facilitate a conversation to address your concerns directly and seek further support.

The Spot and Support campaign will continue daily on the SWGfL Twitter and LinkedIn channels.

Those who are in need of further, more substantial support can also call the HSB support service practitioners on 0344 225 0623 or email (Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm).

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