– Two years of protecting adults against intimate image abuse

01 Dec 2023 UK SIC

Yesterday marked the second-year anniversary of, a pioneering online tool developed by SWGfL and Meta. This initiative has emerged as a game-changer in the battle against the non-consensual sharing of intimate images, garnering support from industry leaders and amassing over 182,000 cases worldwide since its launch in 2021.

Global Collaboration to Combat Intimate Image Abuse

In recognition of this milestone, acknowledges the collaborative efforts of industry partners who have joined the cause, amplifying awareness and empowering individuals to protect themselves from perpetrators of intimate image abuse. Over the past two years, major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Bumble, OnlyFans, Reddit, Aylo, Threads, and Snap Inc. have implemented

Innovative Technology Safeguards Privacy utilizes cutting-edge, on-device hashing technology, allowing users to create unique identifiers or ‘hashes’ of their images, ensuring the original content remains on their devices. This revolutionary approach safeguards user privacy by sharing only the hashes with, not the actual images. When a case is opened, these hashes are shared with participating partners, allowing for moderation if an uploaded image matches a corresponding hash and meets partner policy requirements.

Since its inception, has received over 434,000 hashes, representing a remarkable nearly 1000% increase in 2023 compared to the previous year.

‘‘When was first developed with Meta back in 2021, we knew that it would, in time, act as the sea-change solution towards the global concern of intimate image abuse. Now, two years down the line, we are seeing a distinct ripple effect, with more awareness of what can achieve and more people taking protective action against perpetrators.

We celebrate the work of our industry partners in implementing and we continue to encourage more industry to join the initiative and ensure their users feel protected when they go online. Everyone should benefit from technology free from harm, and can help us get even closer to achieving that goal.’’ – David Wright CEO of SWGFL & Director of UKSIC

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