Supporters registration sets new record!

03 Feb 2022 UK SIC

Last year, we reached over 51% of UK children aged 8-17 years, and 38% of UK parents and carers, with a grand total of 2,137 signing up as supporters.

Under two weeks ago, we brought you the news that 1000 schools and organisations had registered their support for Safer Internet Day, commencing in under a week’s time on the 8th February.

We are overjoyed at the stream of support for Safer Internet Day 2022, and to announce that our supporters list has since doubled to over 2,229, surpassing last year’s total!

This means that this year’s total number of supporters will be a new record.

The supporters list showcases what activities are taking place across the UK on Safer Internet Day to promote the safe and positive use of technology.

Our supporters list currently stands at 2229 (and counting!) – this includes 1990 schools and colleges, 68 charities, 67 businesses and 29 governmental bodies.

With under a week to go, we highly encourage you to sign your school or organisation up as a supporter if you haven’t already.

Once registered, you will receive a certificate to show your support for the day and, following review, your logo, organisation name and supportive statement will appear on the UK Safer Internet Centre Website. With your help, we can reach more young people, educators, parents and carers than ever before.

Unsure of how to celebrate Safer Internet Day? Take a look at our full supporters list for inspiration.

#PlayYourPart this Safer Internet Day and register below!

Here is what you can be doing if you’ve already signed up as a supporter:

Utilise our educational resources

We have created a range of resources to help you deliver sessions for Safer Internet Day, whether you are a school, nursery, youth group, library, police service, or wider.

Retweet this quote on Twitter:

#SaferInternetDay is on 8th February 2022! Want to know more about the day and how you can get involved? Why not check out the free films and resources from @UK_SIC!

Check out our video content

Our Safer Internet Day films are engaging, short videos which aim to help young people delve deeper into their ideas around trust and reliability online. The films act as an extension of the education packs and as such aim to be conversation starters around the topic of reliability and trust online.

See our top tips for all ages

We have created pages which contain advice for parents and carersadvice for 11-18s and top tips for under 11s. These pages contain short form advice, as well as videos and resources.

Test your online safety knowledge with our quizzes​​​​​​​ 

From checking headlines to spotting sponsored content, our Safer Internet Day quizzes are designed to help young people test their online safety knowledge. There are quizzes available for all ages – test out the quizzes for 7-11s11-14s, and 14-18 year olds.

Take a look at the Virtual Assemblies

We have created 3 virtual assemblies which you can watch in class or share with your pupils to help them make a start on their Safer Internet Day celebrations. These resources have been designed to help all young people can join in the celebrations for Safer Internet Day, wherever they are.

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