Safer Internet Day – 8th February 2022

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Exploring respect and relationships online

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Did you join organisations from across the UK and register as a Safer Internet Day 2022 Supporter? It was a record-breaking year for supporters, so we would like to thank all of the schools, charities, youth groups, police forces, businesses and other organisations who celebrated with us!


in total

3037 School/college
115 Charity/youth
108 Other
104 Business
44 Government
16 Police

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A2Dominion Group

We aim to spread awareness to our customers and wider communities via our social media channels.

Ab Phab Youth Club

At Ab Phab Youth Club we will be celebrating Safer Internet Day 2022 by developing the members digital literacy skills by getting the members to evaluate online resources through the accuracy and trustworthiness of the information presented in a real new/ fake news activity. In doing so members will be able to critically evaluate the information presented to them and develop their comprehension and responsibility in collaborating and sharing digital content on social media platforms. #DigitalAwareness

Abbey CBS

For Safer Internet Day, we will be making students aware of this year’s theme.

Abbey College in Malvern

We shall have a whole assembly dedicated on the subject of safe and responsible use of technology, as well as promote the conversation on our social media.

Abbey Community College

The college will run a series of Safer Internet Lessons in our Key Stage Three classes and a series of posts on our social media feeds.

Abbey Gates Primary School

For Safer Internet Day this year, our school will be running lessons and an assembly.

Abbey Hill Academy

For Safer Internet Day, we will have a whole school assembly, activities in tutor groups and continuation of learning in computing lessons

Abbey Hill Primary and Nursery School

We will be completing a range of internet safety acitivities to learn how to keep safe online.

Abbey View Primary Academy

During Safer Internet Day all pupils will take part in an e-safety lesson in their classes.

Abbeygate Sixth Form College

We are creating a display within the library and promoting safety on social media.