SWGfL launches artificial intelligence hub for educational settings

16 Jun 2023 UK SIC

This week our partners at SWGfL have launched a new topic hub that delves into artificial intelligence, looking at what it is, what the impact has been and exploring how schools and other educational establishments can navigate this vast subject with young learners.

While artificial intelligence is nothing new, many tools have become more accessible to a broader audience in recent months. This has led to AI capabilities making significant impact across the world, with many AI tools becoming integral to online activity.

Artificial intelligence in educational settings

As AI is rapidly evolving, schools may have concerns about how to effectively introduce this subject to their students. This newly launched hub provides an introductory exploration of artificial intelligence, breaking down its key components whilst exploring ways in which professionals can educate around staying safe. Many fundamental principles of online safety remain, allowing schools to continue educating their students about responsible use of technology whilst bringing in more discussion around AI in an approachable manner.

The hub looks at AI from a number of angles examining both the benefits and considerations of AI technology, whilst signposting towards informative articles that highlight popular AI tools being used, such as ChatGPT and Snapchat’s ‘My AI’.

Considerations for schools

To assist schools in navigating the AI landscape with their students, there is an additional resource that highlights important areas to emphasise, such as critical thinking, active discussions, data protection, and cyber security awareness.

As various AI tools continue to gain prominence, more information will be included to address the latest developments and to support schools with continuing to address AI.

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