Take part in the Childnet Film Competition 2023

01 Mar 2023 UK SIC

A fantastic opportunity for your learners to develop their media expertise through the lens of online safety

Childnet, a partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre (UKSIC), challenge all UK learners to create a short film or storyboard which portrays an important online safety message or theme.

If your students are between ages 7 and 18 then they are eligible to take part in one of the several categories:

We saw many incredible, thought provoking short films and social media templates this Safer Internet Day just passed.

The Film Competition is a fitting follow up to Safer Internet Day and is another creative avenue for young people to get stuck into online safety.

We’re sure that the competitive element will be exciting to young people in primary and secondary schools, as well as youth groups and other education settings.

The Childnet Film Competition Finalists’ Event and Prizes

If your short film impresses the judges, it will be featured in the live final event on Wednesday 4th July!

And if the judges decide your film is the winner, your school will be rewarded with spectacular filmmaking equipment to enrich your media department.

We hope the prizes will inspire more young people to get involved with filmmaking and online safety for future generations.

How do I apply to the Childnet Film Competition?

For simple steps to apply, just head to Childnet’s website, where you’ll documents to help you organise the film competition entry in your education setting.

You have until Wednesday 5th June to submit your films and storyboards.

Look out on Childnet’s website and social media for further updates and top tips in the coming months!

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